Ok, I am NOT a person to diet! I LOVE food way to much! There is a reason I chose a personal chef as my best friend! 😉


Anyways, I recently participated in Shakespeare in the Park – Macbeth #WITCHES! and I met an awesome lady who has 1 kidney and can only eat almost nothing! I would keel over dead right there in the Dr. office if they told me no more bread and cheese. Life would not be worth living!

Once again, I digress… This lady co-owns the “Active Nutrition” store here in my little big town and so she challenged me to their 3 day weight loss challenge. She changed her lifestyle after she was diagnosed and has decided to spread the healthy love!

This 3 days would include 2 protein shakes a day + 2 metabolism boosting tablets + half my weight in water (in oz) + I was able to eat a couple snacks a day and have a pretty hefty dinner.

I totally thought I would cheat (as I always do! I have no will power) but I started myself this little food diary and charted down everything I ate and drank and what each had for calories, protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. Which surprisingly kept me on track as I didn’t feel I could lie as much if I was writing it all down. It also gave me a visual if I wanted to snack and ask myself if I was really hungry and want to have to write it all down or if I was just bored and should just have a glass of water instead.

So I started this whole thing on a the Monday of July 2 @ 31 years old and 5’7″ tall

36″ Bust – 37″ waist – 40.5″ Hips

176.4 # – 42.6% body fat – 50 metabolic age – able to consume 1448 calories to lose any weight

Freaking out! I need about 6,000 calories a day to survive! Or that is what I think anyways, I have never counted calories before and so I have no idea at this point how many I actually usually consume.

And 88oz of Water! RUFKM?!

images… Ok, maybe… NOT!


The shakes were a bit rough to start until my husband (who is a trooper and did this 3 day challenge with me as moral support. I totally lucked out in the hubby department… Just sayin’) perfected the ice:water ratio to not make it too thick so it gives you a brain freeze and yet not make it feel like sludgy thick water.

2 Sake+Pill combo

1 Chobani Yogurt

3/4 Cup 2% Lactaid

10 Asperigas Spears+1/2 Tbs unsalted butter

4 oz “Pretty Chicken” (GTS, it is an EPIC recipe!)

1 cup (cooked) Cous Cous

2-16oz Super Teas (from her shop)

2-16oz Water

For a total of

64 oz water (short of my 88oz goal)

1351.5 calories – 90.5g protein – 116.25g carbs – 60.85g fat – 18.30g fiber

I totally crushed that 1448 calorie goal! Way to go me right?! Never thought I could do that and still feel full throughout the day!

Day 2 and 3 were pretty similar although I don’t recommend you starting ANY diet just 2 days before the 4th of July, and 5 days before camping for a weekend! UGH! Not having a burger with the kids was TORTURE!

on Day 4 (today) still 31 years old and 5’7″ tall

35.5″ Bust – 35″ waist – 39″ Hips

172.8 # – 42.7% body fat – 50 metabolic age – able to consume 1418 calories to lose any weight

I lost 3.6# in 3 days and 1.5″ off my hips and 2″ off my waist!!

I have decided to keep up with it for the most part as I have found some really great recipes to try for dinners, and I have a protein powder in my pantry that has been sitting there for a year that my husband has been teasing me about since I bought it.

I have a tendency to spend $$$$ on workout/health stuff and use it for a day or two and give up… Like I said, no will power! I am not promising I won’t cheat this weekend, but if I do I WILL write it down.

Moral of this story… You are never too old to start living healthy, and no matter how many things you have tried that have not worked eventually you will find something that works for you!

Wish me luck, and I will keep you all appraised of my progress (fingers crossed!)


OK, I admit… I am not the chef in this duo, so when I came across a recipe that called for “Coriander Leaves” I went WTF are “coriander leaves”?!

So… I Googled that shit (from now on in any of my posts to be refereed to GdTS, you are now so informed…) and what pops up you ask? A bunch of pictures of cilantro!!

Now, I live in small town MN, “coriander” is considered exotic, and “cilantro” is used in that green goop that people put on tacos when they are from out-of-town… … … insert sigh of resignation for the neglected taste buds that surround me in my frozen tundra of an existence… … … So when I saw these “Mexican Spring Rolls” that look to DIE for, I was more than a little upset when I saw “1/4 cup coriander leaves” I was completely defeated and was sobbing into my keyboard as I GdTS knowing that this would be something that I would have to wait until my next trip to Minneapolis to make!

I am NOT a patient person! At all!! And then… … … next thing I know, my engineer is backing slowly out of my office; I am sure thinking he hired a schizophrenic as a lab tech because I was happily doing a yummy food dance in celebration of finding out that “coriander leaves” are nothing more than cilantro leaves!

That’s right! they are the SAME THING!! The term “coriander” in the USA generally refers to the seed whether it be ground or whole, and “cilantro” usually refers to the fresh/dried leafy part of the plant. Although those from other racial backgrounds sometimes use the terms differently.

Who fracking knew?!

I will update you all when I, or more likely my personal chef makes what I hope will be  wonderful rolls of goodness as I now know that I can purchase all of the ingredients right here in Podunk USA!

Let the shenanigans commence!

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